Rust WebAssembly Front End Frameworks

This is a list of notable front end frameworks based on Rust WebAssembly.

  • Seed (GitHub Repository) - Rust framework for creating fast and reliable web apps with a structure that follows the Elm Architecture.
  • Percy (GitHub Repository) - A modular toolkit for building interactive frontend browser apps with Rust + WebAssembly. Supports server side rendering.
  • Yew (GitHub Repository) - Rust / Wasm client web app framework with architecture inspired by Elm and Redux. Yew is based on stdweb that has a lot of features but also iGitHub s really heavy-weight.
  • Draco (GitHub Repository) - A Rust library for building client side web applications with WebAssembly modeled after the Elm architecture and Redux.
  • Smithy (GitHub Repository) - A front-end framework for writing WebAssembly applications entirely in Rust. Its goal is to allow you to do so using idiomatic Rust, without giving up any of the compiler's safety guarantees.
  • squark (GitHub Repository) - Rust frontend framework, for web browser and more with architecture inspired from Elm and HyperApp.
  • Dodrio (GitHub Repository) - A fast, bump-allocated virtual DOM library for Rust and WebAssembly.
  • rust-dominator (GitHub Repository) - Zero cost declarative DOM library using FRP signals for Rust!