web_sys::Document::get_element_by_id function


This example demonstrates the get_element_by_id method of the document element. The method retrieves the "paragraphId" element and then log its inner text to the console.

	pub fn document_get_element_by_id()
		let window = web_sys::window().expect("global window does not exists");    
		let document = window.document().expect("expecting a document on window");
		//let body = document.body().expect("document expect to have have a body");
		let val = document.get_element_by_id("paragraphId")
		web_sys::console::log_2(&"URL: %s".into(),&JsValue::from_str(&val.inner_text()));


	pub fn get_element_by_id(&self, element_id: &str) -> Option<Element>


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